German TV Station “Saarländischen Rundfunk” / Saarland Radion

In 2011 the German TV Station “Saarländischen Rundfunk” produced a programme called “Far Far Away”. The documentary Tells the story of two young people who have left their home in Germany to study at the university here.

With our help. the production company was able to carry out an efficient and praiseworthy job. Gordian Arneth, the head of production has given us following reference letter:


Reference: Gordian Arneth, independent television writer, working for the Saarland Broadcasting, Editing and leisure travel, Saarbrücken

As part of the series “www weitweitwegof the Saarland Radio I realized in September 2011, the report “Studying in the eternal icein Longyearbyen. I worked together with Doreen as the producer on site, which was an indispensable help to me. With their excellent local contacts and their hugh commitment they contributed to the great success of the shoot. Their exact local knowledge, know-how of safety measures and their contacts with the people in Longyearbyen have given us a fountain of stories on the spot. Many of the scenes we had in minde were of logistical difficulties and high costs and they wouldn’t have been realized without them. In the case of another opportunity to realize a new film project on Spitzbergen, I would use Spitzbergen Adventures again in a heartbeat. I wish Doreen and Spitzbergen Adventures success  and all the best.

Gordian Arneth




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