Support for balloon operations

In March 2015, during the period of the total solar eclipse, we had a fascinating client who was eager to visit our most beautiful regions and then rise into the sky with the company’s hot-air balloon. The entire operation. from the preparation up to the execution, was a critical logistical challenge. It was very short term and  – of necessity – it had to take place during a very busy period (solar eclipse).

The customer evaluation of the entire mission is here for your reading pleasure:



One of the biggest Ballooning operators in Spain since 1988. We offer tourist Balloon tours in Catalonia, Spain and other special Balloon tours all over the world.

We also participate in Ballooning International competitions and also organize our own Ballooning challenges trying to fly in extreme remote places of the World.

Travelling Ballooning is always difficult about logistics. We have to carry lots of stuff: envelope, baskets, tanks, burner, … and we also need local transport to move all of this.

We had Svalbard on mind since a long time. Now, the solar eclipse was the spark to go ahead with the project. Why not to try to watch the eclipse from the air over the Svalbard scenery ?

We started preparations quite late, but Thomas suddenly realize our needs and worked hard to get it.

We need snowmobiles to transport us, but also to carry the complete Balloon.

We need a local guide able to choose the best take off area and specially able to retrieve us just at landing time. Jakob was the man for that. Great job !

Jakob was very helpful not only in the Balloon flights, but also in the previous preparations: refuelling, assembling, maps, etc.

After the challenge we still had a couple of days to enjoy Svalbard more relaxed and here was Doreen who guide us perfectly showing us the highlights of the island.

This success opens our mind to come back for new Arctic Balloon Challenges, maybe Summer Arctic Balloon flights, and for sure we’ll work together with Spitzbergen Adventures for it.



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