Winter Activities

In February, when the light slowly returns , the sky has a glossy royal blue hue. The northern lights are dancing in shades of green, always a most amazing performance by one of nature’s veritable treasures.

In March the city celebrates the return of the sun. For one week there are concerts and a whole host of events. It’s finally day again!

If you would like to experience the polar nights, we can offer you thought-provoking and unique activities for a truly reasonable price. From February to the middle of May we offer snowmobile tours to a variety of destinations. Our tours are specially planned for small groups, which makes the tour more personal and rewarding for our guests.

In collaboration with a local husky farm, we provide dog sledding tours under the northern lights. Apart from the panting of the dogs, everything is tranquil.  The silence and majesty of Mother Nature is uniquely enjoyable. The tours last several days and include overnight stays in a tent. In both seasons you will be given a brief safety instruction programme before we leave the town.

Our activities


Explore Longyearbyen Package

This is a must if you want to experience Longyearbyen and get the whole story, especially if you want to get the most out of a short stay.

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Bilde 156

Evening Snowmobile Tour – Barentsburg

Evening tour to Barentsburg with traditional russian Dinner

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Amazing Balloon Adventure at Spitzbergen in March/April 2016

Amazing Balloon Adventure in April/May 2018

April/May 2018, a hot air balloon adventure

Join us for a hot air balloon tour

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Individual Snowmobile Tour

Hire us for your individual tour arrangement and plan your own adventure. This package is a great option for photographers and wild life afficianados, among others.

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Snowmobile Tour – Barentsburg

Day trip to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg. This tour combines both beautiful nature and Russian history.

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Snowmobile Tour – East Coast

Being outdoors, at one with nature, endless glaciers and valleys, polar bears. Just a taste of what to expect.

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Snowmobile Tour – Tempelfjord – Tuna Glacier

Villa Fredheim and the Von Post Glacier, always worth a visit. This is an easy going drive which suits absolutely everybody.

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Snowmobile Tour – Isfjord Radio

Isfjord Radio is the perfect trip for anyone who really loves nature and the luxury of a good meal in the middle of nowhere.

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2-day Snowmobile Tour – Pyramiden – Glacier

This tour gives you a little of everything; History, glacier, valleys, mountains and fjords. Join us for the trip of a lifetime.

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Lens & Perspective – the slightly different sightseeing tour

This tour has only one target! It is to put the spotlight on the most scenic & beautiful points.

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Drive Your Own Dog Sled

Dog sledding in the winter is something everybody should try. Drive your own sled and relish the freedom while enjoying nature.

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Chasing the Polar Lights

If you dream about seeing the Northern Lights this is THE tour for you. Get ready to chase the Aurora Borealis and admire the dance in the sky.

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