Explore Longyearbyen Package

This package is ideal for visitors who would like to get a taste of Spitsbergen before they get started on the activities. The package is the perfect way of getting to know the city, finding out where everything is – and of course getting to grips with the multifaceted history of Svalbard.

The  package comprises the following elements:

  • Pick up from the airport
  • Special sightseeing with emphasis on the history and surroundings
  • Meet & greet with the dogs (Huskies)
  • Unique photo session
  • Guided Museum tour, entry fee inclusive

Duration: 4 hours

Since we operate in exclusive groups we are able to adjust the visit individually to suit our guests’ requirements. This allows us to fine tune your tour and give you an unforgettable trip to our beautiful island.

You will experience the city & surroundings first hand and our guides will give you a fascinating insight into the current goings on and all the  historical facts you could want to know. The visit to the dog kennel to say “hi” is especially popular with our young guests,  especially if they have never come face to face with working huskies or seen a dog sledding operation before.

During the drive and your walk around our city, you will get any number of possibilities to begin seeking out your ultimate souvenir photo of your visit here.

A guided tour of the  Svalbard Museum, winner of the European Museum award, will complete your stay and show you even more about what makes our town so unique. Our experienced guides have the gift of making even our younger guests thirsty for knowledge about the exciting history and goings on in Spitsbergen.

If all that isn’t enough, if there is anything you want to change on the agenda…..

………for example skipping the museum and having a hike instead?

….or you would prefer to focus more on wildlife ……….

……….or other activities, like for example searching for fossils (nice for the kids)?

That is absolutely NO PROBLEM! Just contact us HERE and we will customise the package according to your individual interests.

How can that be possible, when so many tourist programmes are so rigidly planned?

Very simply, it’s what we do……… we don’t just work here, we work FOR YOU!

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