Individual Snowmobile Tour

You would like to book a snowmobile trip but you are not yet sure where to go, so you want to keep all your options open? You would like to take your trips over more than just one day? You are a photographer and your main aim is to get the perfect scene in your lens? Then our individual snowmobile tour is the perfect choice for you.

Book a personal guide and the snowmobile(s) for a specific date – or dates –  and rest assured that all available possibilities and destinations are at your disposal.

The individual snowmobile tour includes:

  • Snowmobile, including clothes and insurance. Clothes are: a warm suit, helmet, face mask (balaclava), gloves and boots (We recommend you bring your own face mask)
  • Fuel, Search and Rescue insurance
  • Pick up from your accommodation site
  • A warm lunch, warm beverages and cookies
  • All necessary safety equipment needed for the tour
  • The highest level of flexibility and individuality

Together we decide on your route and destinations, based on your interests and the prevailing weather conditions.

If you are interested in this option, or if you have any queries please contact us HERE!:

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