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  • Doreen is our Head of Operations and our Sales Manager. She is actually from Stralsund in north Germany but learned to love the Norwegian Mountains many years ago and now she cannot get enough of them.

    She moved to Svalbard in 2009 and has been here ever since. Doreen came into contact with the island for the first time in 2002 when she was working as an expedition cruise guide on one of the Expedition Ships which was sailing westward along the archipelago.

    Doreen is an accredited guide with many years of tour experience both summer and winter time.

    She also has vital knowledge within the field of search & rescue and avalanches.
    Doreen has completed more than 60 hours of first aid training and just loves being outside on her snowmobile with our guests. She is easily recognizable by her ever-present smile.

    Doreen Lampe , Owner, Sales Manager & Head of Operations
  • Misha has been on Svalbard since 2015 and is a solid pillar in our team.
    He is from Kiev in Ukraine and his special charm, combined with his desire to deliver always the best to the guest, makes him a great guide and we all just love him.

    Misha has a great passion for his work has been with us for a long time. He is a certified guide, great BBQ cook and loves snowmobiling and hiking.

    Misha Moliavko , Tour Guide
  • Sissel and Robert, newbies in the team, but not newbies at Svalbard. They been living in Longyearbyen since January 2009. Together they owned and run Svalbard Husky for many years, before they sold it to their staff and went sailing for some time. They are both authorized Svalbard Guides with a lot of experience, both summer and winter. And can be used as guides for all kind of trips.

    Sissel is originally from Trøndelag, and has nature and outdoor life in her vains. Her mother was her teacher on land, while her father took her out on the sea. She has economic background and will oversee the finances.

    Sissel Fagerdal Lian , Owner, Accounting & Guide
  • It’s not always easy to determine where Robert is from. He grew up in Tromsø and Tønsberg, where he learned to love outdoorlife. He has a soft spot for dogs and sailboats. Robert will take care of the equipment, and make sure everything is in ship shape conditions.

    When Sissel and Robert met, Sissel was tired of city life and missed being more outdoor. Robert on the other hand was competing in longdistance sled-dog mushing and was looking for company in the track.

    Both of them have many km behind them crossing the Island of Svalbard on Snowmobiles in all kind of conditions.

    Together they found Svalbard and have not yet found a reason to leave.

    Robert Nilsen , Owner, Equipment Manager & Guide
  • Originally from Germany, Paul spent his first winter in the Arctic as a dog-sledding guide in 2012. 
 He moved to Svalbard in 2018, and has undergone academic education in both Arctic Adventure Tourism and as an Arctic Nature Guide.

    He is especially fond of longer, expedition-like trips and loves to get around in the Arctic Nature. Paul enjoys hiking in the summer and skiing with pulk during the winter season.

    He is a guide both out of passion for nature and his urge to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

    Paul Jurgschat , Tour Guide


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