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S.M.A.B | Sauna, Meal & Arctic Breeze

With this trip you will combine several very unique into one activity. Each of those pleasures is already very special up here in Svalbard, but combining those into one experience, haven’t been done before. We have set up a camp close to the Van Mijenfjord. Part of the camp will be a heated tent, a well-used barbecue place and a tent sauna with transparent walls, which allows you a nice view into the landscape.

This is the tour for you who want to experience something unique and extraordinary. We are combining snow mobile driving with good food and sauna experience in a wood-heated sauna out in the arctic nature.

Together as a team we will setup the sauna and heat the oven. While the temperature is rising to the comfort level you desire we will have some time to enjoy the area and have a nice meal. While you are eating we will heat up the sauna so it will be ready for an enjoyable time. Now it is your own time in relaxing in the heat of the sauna, cool down in the snow and just let your soul and body be.

Afterwards  you can relax in the heated camp. If time allows we can take a little drive to the Van Mijenfjord and scout for Polar bears before heading back to civilization.

Due to the exclusivity of this tour we only have 4 places on each trip so be quick in booking it. (More people possible by request).

You need no prior snowmobile experience for driving. The terrain is flat but also a bit rough.

If you have any food allergies or health issues please let us know before the trip.

For our guests who need glasses we recommend to switch to contacts, if possible, for the tour. 


  • Level of complexity:

    2 - Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience
  • Number of snowmobiles:

    Min. 2 / Max. 5
  • Starting Time:

    11:00 (8 hours)
  • Price:

    3.500 nok driver
    2.000 nok passenger
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Please bring minimum 2 towels per person


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